Cresswell racking in Paradise !

Total Industrial Solutions' projet at North Atlantic Marine.

Paradise , NL.

North Atlantic Marine Supplies & Services Inc. (NAMSS), leading supplier of fishing supplies in Newfoundland, provides superior products and services to the oil, gas, mining, fishing and aquaculture industries in Atlantic Canada.

North Atlantic trusted Total Industrial Solutions with a racking project of 4 back to back runs of 8 sections each and 1 single run of 8 sections all equipped with post protectors and end of aisle protectors.

For Total Industrial Solutions, leading provider of quality warehouse equipment and storage systems in NL, this was a very straightforward project. The client was very pleased with the process and the quality of the Cresswell products.

Combining its experience in the cold profiling of steel and the expertise of its dedicated staff to meet the most demanding criteria of the market, Industries Cresswell is able to provide the solution that will satisfy any pallet storage user requirements. Contact us!

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Total Industrial installs Cresswell Racking in Paradise