Cresswell Industries

Cresswell Industries was founded in the early 1920s by Mr. C T. Cresswell, an importer of insulation materials from the United States and manufacturer of steel window frames supplying the London area.

In 1951, Cresswell moved to Canada. In 1985, the company was acquired by the Nova Steel Group. Cresswell has been successful in establishing its presence through sustained growth, an acquisition strategy and its distribution network in North America. For over 65 years, Cresswell has built its reputation on sustainable business relationships with partnerships in many sectors of the steel processing industry.

Our core business remains:

  • Design and manufacture of industrial racking systems
  • Original Equipment Design and Manufacturing (OEM) for the Construction Sector
  • Manufacture and distribution of specialty nails for the hardwood flooring industry

Cresswell Industries' vision is to be a leader in its core businesses and to reinforce the core values ​​of employees ingenuity, products durability, reliability and commitment to customers, employees and the environment.

Our mission is to design and manufacture products according to the exact specifications and expectations of our customers in order to build long-term partnerships that keep Cresswell financially sound and competitive in all its business sectors.

Cresswell Industries