Combining its experience in the cold profiling of steel and the expertise of its dedicated staff to meet the most demanding criteria of the market, Industries Cresswell is able to provide the solution that will satisfy any pallet storage user requirements.

Defined by the market as a "static" or "dynamic" storage system, the solution offered by Cresswell Industries will always be oriented towards greater flexibility of the requested application.

Dynamic pallet racking systems

Unlike static systems, the palettes of a dynamic system will move by themselves in the system.

A - Reversed gravity pallet racking system (push back)

With a rail system inclined towards the driveway, gravity ensures that the pallets will always rest on the front beam. The first pallet is simply dropped on the first cart. For other pallets, the operator must push the pallet already in place to release the other carriages. To empty a line, one must progressively remove the pallets one by one. Gravity will take care of bringing the other pallets for picking.

Main features:
  • The truck remains in the aisle, limiting the risk of collision with the rack.
  • Greater selectivity than for the static accumulation rack.
  • Type of system first in, last out.
  • Better stock rotation than for the static accumulation rack.
B - Dynamic accumulation pallet racking system (flow rack)

This inclined system equipped with rails, incorporating wheels and brakes, ensures that the pallet will move itself from deposit to picking point. This system is ideal for ensuring a complete inventory turnover.

Main features:
  • Best inventory density / turnover ratio.
  • Better stock rotation than for the reverse gravity rack.
  • Facilitates operations by having deposits and pickings in two separate lanes.
  • The truck remains in the aisle, which reduces the operating time.
  • Very high selectivity.
  • Type of first-in, first-out system
  • Efficient but more expensive system.
C - Carton boxes racking system (carton flow)

Similar to the dynamic accumulation system, it is used on a smaller scale to handle cardboard boxes. It is often installed on lower floors and arranged with other pallet systems above.

Main features:
  • Manual handling.
  • Same inventory turnover as for the dynamic accumulation system.
  • Very high selectivity.
  • Type of first in, first out system.
  • Efficient system and less expensive than the dynamic storage rack.

Recognizing that the performance of a storage system is measured by its ability to optimize the volume of its inventory, Industries Cresswell offers a wide range of pallet storage systems that can meet the most complex needs.

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