Combining its experience in the cold profiling of steel and the expertise of its dedicated staff to meet the most demanding criteria of the market, Industries Cresswell is able to provide the solution that will satisfy any pallet storage user requirements.

Defined by the market as a "static" or "dynamic" storage system, the solution offered by Cresswell Industries will always be oriented towards greater flexibility of the requested application.

Static pallet racking systems

Static systems are systems in which the pallets, once deposited, remain motionless.

A- Selective pallet racking systems - Roll Formed Selective rack Single Deep / Double Deep / Very Narrow Aisle rack (VNA):

Of all the systems, single-depth racking systems are the most popular and widespread.

Main features:
  • High selectivity of products. The trolley has access to all pallets in single depth.
  • FNeed a trolley with retractable forks to access the second pallet, in the case of the double depth system. This same lift can be used in single-deep operations.
  • Possible use of the full height of the warehouse compared to a warehouse without racking.
  • Easily adjustable and interchangeable according to your types of operations.
  • In the case of double depth, the storage capacity can increase by one third, depending on the layout of the warehouse.
  • Narrow aisle trolleys available on the market can increase your storage by 20 to 30% by reducing the width of the aisles.
B- Static accumulation pallet racking open on one or both sides (Drive-in and Drive-thru):

This system is a good compromise when you want to maximize the density of a warehouse. It makes it possible to increase the density considerably compared to the simple pallet rack. It is possible to have tunnels open on both sides (drive-thru) or on one side (drive-in). The drive-thru allows better accessibility and rotation of stocks.

Main features:
  • Low cost system compared to the volume of pallets that can be stored.
  • The truck must enter the tunnels in order to deposit the pallets.
  • Selectivity less important since several pallets must be deposited one after the other.
  • Less inventory turnover than for dynamic accumulation systems.
  • The double-sided static accumulation rack allows for better inventory turnover.
  • Type of system: first in, last out.

Recognizing that the performance of a pallet storage system is measured by its ability to optimize inventory, Cresswell Industries offers a wide range of pallet racking systems to meet the most complex of requirements.

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