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Discover our different storage system solutions.

Discover our different storage system solutions.

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Box beam handle mainly wire mesh decks, cup style safety bars and fork entry bars.  Beams are available in different sizes depending on load requirements (see capacity chart).  2 safety clips will be added for free to the order with each beam.

Mechanical anchor to fix the frame to the concrete slab.

Screw for racking application.

Shims for Cresswell frame

Cup style safety bars connect with box beams.  They are available with 1.5’’ and 2.0’’ wide cups to fit appropriate beam.  You must ensure to order 1 or 2 teck screws per safety bars separately.

Safety clip for standard connector

Nuts for racking application

Bolts for racking application

Wire mesh decks support pallets which are misaligned on the beam. They have the same function as safety bar. Wire mesh decks can also be useful for placing non-palletized items.

Welded racking frames are the most common in North America. 14 gage thickness bracings are welded to the racking post every 42". Racking post is available in a range of steel thickness (gage) depending on weight requirements.  Standard required hardware per frame : 2x Anchors 1/2" x 4 1/4", 3x Shims 3.5"x4.5".

Safety pin with fins for standard and ligth duty connectors.

Universal type pre-galvanized safety bars are the most versatile; they can fit on both box beams and step beams.  They must be connected with teck screws using the hole provided on the cups.   2 teck screws per safety bars are included.

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