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Reel holder can accomodate rods of up to 3.0’’ in diameter and up to 5000 lbs.  High sides hold the rods in place.  Make sure to have both models on order.

Back stopper beam prevent pallets from falling off the rear of the racking.  Offsets of up to 6.0" from the frame are available.  Two (2) 3/8''x 1.0'' bolts included.

Barrel supports can handle barrel diameters of up to 24’’. Lengths vary depending on frame depth.

Vertical dividers are used to store upright components such as pipes or trims. 1.5" or 2.0" adaptors are used to attach them to box beams.  When necessary, vertical dividers can be moved by loosening the nut.

These beams are made of a single channel.  They are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for tire rack application.  2 free safety clips will be added to the order with each beam.

Fork entry bars are usually used when loads are not stacked on pallets. They allow fork lifts to slide underneath the load in the racking.  You must ensure to order 2 teck screws per fork entry bar separately.

Cross aisle tie beams connect 2 face-to-face frames. They are used to stabilize single rows of racking or to protect hanging warehouse equipments from collisions.

This retaining pre-galvanized angle for channel beam is giving more stability to the pair of beam particularly with longer beam.  It can be fixed without tools.

Vertical pallet stoppers consist of a single post standing offset at the back of the pallet with supports (as shown) attached at each level.

M-shaped dividers are usually used to storing panels. They are 72’’ high x 30’’ deep and connected with cups to box beams tightened in place with 3/8’’-16 grade 5 bolts and nuts.  When nessary, dividers can be moved by loosening the nut.  Beam must be 4.0'' high or less to fit with the M-Divider !

Single welded posts can be used as vertical pallet stoppers with supports attached at each beam level.  Supports must be ordered separately.

Single bolted posts can be used as vertical pallet stoppers with supports attached at each beam level or as replacement part for bolted frame.

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