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Pneumatic and stamping

Pneumatic and Stamping

Harwood floor Nails

For many years, Cresswell Industries has designed and manufactured specialty tools and ā€˜ā€™Lā€™ā€™-shaped nails for the hardwood floor industry. These tools (manual and pneumatic) and hardwood floor nails have been marketed and sold as their own by the industry's leading brands for more than 20 years, symbolizing our ability to design and manufacture these products on a world scale.

Behind this success story lies the expertise of our staff. Qualified, experienced, innovative and up-to-date on the latest technological advances, this talented group is the bedrock on which our reputation for excellence is anchored.

Our stamping ability is superlative in terms of capacity with several high speed presses designed to produce parts faster and better than many other methods.

Put us to the test. We have a personalized solution, ideal for your needs.