New connector / safety clip

Cresswell Industries is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new products to its range.    

First, a 5.5’’, 4-pin connector will progressively replace our 8.5’’ connector for beams with a 4’’ height or less. This change permits us to have a beam that is easier to install, that reduces the truck space and that allows us to install in 6’’ increments instead of 9’’. The 8.5’’ connector will still be available upon special request.  

In addition to the new connector, based on dealers’ feedback, we are introducing a new safety clip. It is made with two small wings so it cannot be removed without using a tool. By default, all orders with Redirack connectors and light-duty connectors (Baby-rack) will now include the new safety clips as they are compatible with both types of connectors.  The previous safety clips will also be available upon special request.  

Please contact our sales representatives for more information.