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Dynamic Pallet Racking Systems

Dynamic Pallet Racking Systems

Dynamic Pallet Racking Systems

Combining unparalleled experience in steel cold roll forming with the expertise of a dedicated staff focused on meeting the most demanding requirements in the market, Cresswell Industries can provide a solution to satisfy any requirements in pallet racking systems.

Defined by the market as either "static" or "dynamic" pallet racking systems, all solutions proposed by Cresswell Industries are designed to provide maximum flexibility for the required application.

Dynamic system:

Unlike static pallet racking systems, pallets in a dynamic system move up in the system by themselves.

A - Reverse gravity pallet racking system (push back):

Dynamic Storage system

Nested on steel carriages, each pallet is fed by gravity on a rail system tilted toward the aisle. When a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position. To unload the system, simply remove the front pallet and the rear pallets automatically moves forward to the front picking position. To clear a line, the operator gradually removes the pallets one by one. Gravity makes other pallets available for picking.

Features of this system:

  • The truck stays in the aisle, limiting the risk of collision with the racking structure.
  • Greater selectivity than a static pallet storage system.
  • Type of system First In / Last Out.
  • Better inventory management than with a static systems

B – Pallet Flow racking system:

Dynamic Storage system

Using inclined tracks, including wheels and brakes, this racking system enables the pallet to move by itself from deposit to collection. This pallet racking system is ideal for a complete rotation of stock, and is worry-free.

Features of this pallet racking system:

  • Best combination density VS inventory turnover.
  • Better inventory turnover than with the reverse gravity system.
  • Easy operation with deposits and pickups on two distinct paths.
  • The forklift stays in the aisle, reducing operation time
  • High selectivity
  • System Type: FIFO (First in - First out)
  • System is efficient, but more expensive

C - Carton flow system

Industrial Pallet Racking

Dynamic Storage system

Similar to the dynamic flow system, this smaller scale system usually handles cardboard boxes. Often installed on lower levels and configured with other pallet racking systems described above.

Features of this system:

  • Manual manipulation
  • Same stock rotation as the dynamic flow pallet racking system
  • High selectivity
  • System Type: FIFO (First in - First out)
  • An efficient pallet racking system which is much less expensive than the dynamic flow pallet racking system.

Recognizing that the performance of a pallet racking system is measured by its ability to optimize stock volume, Cresswell Industries offers a wide range of pallet racking systems to meet the most complex requirements.

Feel free to browse our web site, and optimize your storage solutions with Cresswell Industries.

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